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Private Yoga Instruction

Want to practice yoga, but don't know where to start? Join Ebony in one on one Private Yoga sessions. You can practice with a group or get in depth with the experience on your own.

Hosting a party or an event and want to incorporate yoga? No problem book your yoga session with Large groups and parties today!

Reiki Session

Reiki is a universal healing technique that transfers energy from the master or practitioner to the client. With your Reiki session you will experience energy clearing, extracting harmful energy, centering your mind and  spiritual growth


Memberships and Class Packages

Get more in depth and  more in tuned  with your Prana( Life Force) as we explore the true meaning of Yoga.

Check out Yoga Class Packages and Memberships you can purchase under Yoga and Reiki Services

Yoga Session


Reilly B.

Ebony is a great yoga instructor! She takes the time to show you the proper techniques to get into a pose. One of the really nice things about her, is that she will specifically help you by adjusting your stance if you want her to do so. She has the perfect collection of essential oils that just fill the yoga room with their beautiful scents! Especially after her temple messages she likes to give during shavasana. Her classes always end with me feeling very relaxed.

Upcoming Events

  • Sacred Dream Moon Steam 🌕
    Sat, Jul 24
    PeriSteam Atlanta
    Jul 24, 7:00 PM EDT
    PeriSteam Atlanta, 3719 Micah Ct Suite 100, Ellenwood, GA 30294, USA
    We are BACK! Join Peristeam Atlant and Sacred Shakti Yoga for Sacred Dream Moon Steam: A night retreat for Goddesses. This Retreat will consist of sisterhood, outdoor yoga, outdoor yoni steam & more. All under the full moon
  • Welcome to Spring: A Virtual Cosmic Yoga + Music Experience
    Apr 18, 2:00 PM EDT
    Online Event
    Welcome to spring. Join us for a Cosmic Yoga + music experience like never before. This virtual yoga workshop will consist of live music ft Shefali & Yoga Dance.
  • Sacred Dream V-Steam
    Sat, Mar 13
    PeriSteam Atlanta
    Mar 13, 3:00 PM EST
    PeriSteam Atlanta, 3719 Micah Ct Suite 100, Ellenwood, GA 30294, USA
    Join Peristeam Atlanta & Sacred Shakti Yoga in a Goddess Day Retreat like never before. Join a sacred sisterhood full of shared circle, yoga, journaling, Yoni steams, GIVEAWAYS and more. Register NOW!
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