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What is Sacred Shakti Yoga?

Shakti (śakti) Yoga: a Cosmic Vibration of the universal creative force that draws in divine love for oneself. 

Shakti in itself is a sense of being awakened in your spiritual body. Sacred Shakti is love, power, strength, divine energy and being in touch with the Divine, otherwise known as the "Great Mother." Shakti manifest in both male and female embodiment. 

Sacred Shakti Yoga's mission is to help others heal emotional wounds and manifest greatness through the power of Shakti. Embracing their spiritual being and awakening consciousness, yogis can embrace their inner Warrior or Goddess and become whole again in their journey. 

As creations on this earth, we are placed here with a sense of purpose. Let that purpose open your heart to greatness and divine destiny that was built in you!

This is Sacred Shakti Yoga!

Image by Jay Castor
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