Ebony Molock - Founder of Sacred Shakti Yoga

200 Hr Kripalu Yoga RYT

Ebony Molock, Founder of Sacred Shakti yoga, is a 200 hr Kripalu Yoga instructor, Yoga Nidra teacher, Reiki Practitioner, and healer and coach of Full Moon Ceremonies for women.


During her Yogic journey, not only did she discover deep levels of consciousness, but also embarked upon the spiritual awakening of enlightenment and Shakti energy. All of this has helped her discover the power of the Divine Feminine & how it balances both feminine and masculine energy.


Since 2017, the focus of her teachings has been the practice of Hatha Yoga, Meditation, and healing, helpful tools of Reiki for the empowerment of humanity. Her goal is to awaken the Divine feminine energy(Shakti) in everyone to allow them to experience deeper layers of consciousness, serenity, and the power of connecting to their highest self.