Yoga & Reiki Services

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​Rock your Shakti and take the first step into your yoga journey. Partner with Ebony in this 60 minute private session. Whether you are a beginner or looking to deepen your practice, this session is perfect for you! Book now to explore a variety of 60 minute yoga, Couples yoga, and Virtual Yoga

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Yoga Packages, Memberships & More

Whos ready to stay devoted into their Yoga practice? Check out these private Yoga packages to take your mind, body and soul practice to the next level.

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Reiki is a universal healing technique that transfers energy from the master or practitioner to the client. It is a simple, yet safe method of spiritual healing and self- growth. With your Reiki session you will experience energy clearing, extracting harmful energy, centering your mind & promote physical health & recovery. 

Book now to get 3-5 Reiki Sessions, Long Distance Reiki, & Sleepy Time Reiki

Small Group & Family Yoga

Grab your friends, family, or girlfriends and create a stronger bond together with the power of Yoga. Ebony will guide you through Hatha Yoga movement and healing meditation.