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Yoga & Spiritual Services

Group & Couples Yoga

Whether you are a new to Yoga or an experienced yogi, its always powerful to practice with your group of friends or create a deeper romantic bond with your partner. Group & couples yoga is set to  provide peace of mind, transformational movement, and set the tone for your personal Yoga practice. We will start off with a guided meditation and breathe work, followed by Yoga postures set to transform & create foundation for your practice. We will then end the practice with a brief guided Yoganidra to awaken consciousness and promote better rest. Couples will practice poses that invite intimate connection, deep healing and positive reinforcement for you and your partner. 

Reiki + Sacral Reiki

Reiki is a universal healing technique that transfers energy from the master or practitioner to the client. It is a simple, yet safe method of spiritual healing and self- growth. With your Reiki session you will experience energy clearing, extracting harmful energy, centering your mind & promote physical health & recovery. 

Divine Guidance: Yoga Nidra

Yoga nidra (yogic sleep) is an ancient technique designed to elevate anxiety, promote deep relaxation, clarity, and better sleep 
This practice helps to minimize tension, inspire creativity, promote physical & emotional recovery as well as instill a foundation of finding your purpose. We will begin  by setting intentions to get ourselves open to the practice & move through a series of gentle yoga. From here we will begin the Yoga nidra practice. 

Image by Rowen Smith

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