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Are You Allowing Yourself to Recover?

“Love yourself enough to set boundaries. Your time and energy are precious. You get to choose how you use it. You teach people how to treat you by deciding what you will and won’t accept.” -Anna Taylor

Self Care September Challenge has finally arrived and we are taking a step back from our ego, and allowing our prana (the life force of energy) to take over our lives and allow us to build full consciousness in our daily lives.

Every year, we are constantly shifting and moving quickly with the hustle and bustle. In fact, we are so busy just trying to get through the day, that we often don’t stop to ask ourselves, “am I recovering my mind, body, and spirit in the best possible way? We often see ourselves in a continuous stressful cycle that leaves us drained, anxious, or depressed.

Eventually this cycle puts us at a standstill that we cannot tap into our consciousness that best serves us.

Recovery is the first step of your self-care journey. When we become aware of the cycle of exhaustion, we become conscious enough to say, “I need this time to myself! My body deserves this quiet time to decompress.”

I’d like to think of recovery as a security blanket. Whenever you need your body and mind to decompress, your recovered consciousness is that soft, warm blanket that allows you to cuddle up and be okay with stillness.

During my stages of endless cycle, I remember getting really depressed, really low and very sad. All year I’ve worked hard on my yogic career and there were something’s I still wasn’t happy about. It was at that moment my body had caught up to me with the exhaustion.

Thats when had to tap into my own consciousness and find happiness with myself. I had to step out of my 3rd dimension (ego) and transition to my fourth dimension (connecting to my higher self). I started meditating more, manifesting what I wanted next year, took my own yoga practice, and even manifested some new energy I craved around me. Ever since then my ego washed away and all those dark negative thoughts were now lights at the end of the tunnel.

The point I’m trying to make here, is that if we can tap into our consciousness and be aware of our thoughts, we can allow ourselves to recover our souls. Look further into your heart this month. Ask yourself what it is that you need to create a better you? How can you take care of you? How can you accept what goes on around you and not fall apart?

The answer is simple: Be still! Let the recovered energy flow through you throughout the day. Let yourself feel! It’s okay to be sad or anxious or depressed, but remember to come back to the middle. Meaning get aligned with those emotions and just let them pass. Accept who you are as you are and you will flourish!

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